Pet Wellness Care

Keeping your pet healthy in all stages

Bringing your pet in for an annual diagnostic and wellness checkup can help reassure you that your dog or cat is healthy or help us detect hidden diseases or conditions early. Early detection can improve the prognosis of many diseases, keep medical costs down, and help your pet live longer. Many dogs and cats are good at hiding signs that something is wrong, so subtle changes in their health or behavior might be easy to overlook. And, depending on the disease, some pets don’t show any symptoms.


woman kisssing older dog

Dogs and cats age far quicker than humans, so it is even more crucial for our companion animals to receive regular exams. In addition, the risks of arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hormone disorders, and kidney and liver problems all increase with age.

Because you spend the most time with your pet, you are your pet’s expert, as well as his or her greatest advocate. Please let us know if you’ve noticed any physical or behavioral changes in your pet, as well as any other concerns you might have.

During your pet’s wellness exam, our doctors will:

cat holding human hand
  • Examine teeth, eyes, and ears
  • Assess your pet’s heart
  • Examine the respiratory system
  • Palpate joints and muscles for arthritis or orthopedic conditions
  • Inspect the skin and coat
  • Discuss performing baseline blood work
  • Perform a fecal check and a heartworm exam
  • Administer vaccinations